11 Sep, 2017

HSBC Corporate away day: Marines put HSBC employees to the test at our Southfields venue

HSBC away day in Alternative venues location with Royal Marines
11 Sep, 2017

HSBC approached Alternative Venues London and the Royal Marines to provide a bespoke away day at the Royal Marine Reserves HQ in Southfields.

What did the day involve for HSBC?

The event started with the attendees gathered in the hall and briefed on activities that were in store for the day. Prior to the event the employees were split into three groups. Each group were handed their schedule for the day. The series of activities included abseiling off a tower, running through a gruelling Marines PT session and shooting blanks in the range. The day would end with a typical military meal of a steaming hot curry and rice.

The Royal Marines provided a challenging but unique team building experience. The British Armed Forces are notoriously known for their discipline and leadership skills and the Marines were able to relay some of their experience to the attendees. The competitive atmosphere had the adrenaline going and all involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Earlier this year our Southfields venue became the only venue in London to have a purpose built training tower of its kind. With the possibility of dozens of training scenarios this is an ideal place for the Marines to train and gave HSBC employees an insight into the skills needed to be a Marine.

Steven Lee, the delivery and assurance lead at HSBC, had the following to say about the event:
“I thought the day was tremendous and had the right balance of fun and challenge. Throughout the day I saw smiling faces and everyone I spoke to talked positively about the experience. They enjoyed the activities, the insight into the military, and meeting Royal Marines‎. It was first class. Grateful for your cooperation in getting it over the line.”

Who are the Royal Marine Reserves?

The Royal Marines were originally formed in October 1664 as the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot. In 1802, their title was changed to the Royal Marines by King George III. The Marine reserves were officially formed several centuries later in November 1948 on the fields where the Royal Marines originally formed.

Today, the Royal Marines are known as an Elite force within the Royal Navy and their tasks do not just involve combat but also humanitarian aid and environment protection. Royal Marine Reserves are individuals who use their spare time to train and serve with the Royal Marines. They are called upon to provide specialist support at home and abroad when needed.

“It is a tremendous privilege to command RMR City of London. The Reserve community have a wealth of talent and our RMR Commandos include people who work in the ‘Blue Light Community’, Financial Services, the Construction Industry and Academia. We thus have the ability to provide individuals with a wide variety of niche skills sets to support Defence operational tasks. The Recruiting and Engagement Event with HSBC was an opportunity to recruit new talent and raise wider awareness of the pivotal role of Reservists in UK Defence.”
Lieutenant Colonel Reggie Turner, Commanding Officer of Royal Marine Reserves

More information about our Southfields venue can be found on the following link https://alternativevenues.co.uk/venues/southfields/ 

Find out more about the Royal Marine Reserves by going to https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/maritime-reserves/royal-marines-reserve

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