11 Dec, 2017

CrossFit Dawn utilise garage space in our West Ham venue

CrossFit Dawn, a small fitness business operating out of our West Ham garage
11 Dec, 2017

How have CrossFit Dawn utilised our space?

CrossFit Dawn, an established CrossFit gym business based in West Ham required a new space to accommodate their expanding needs. The West Ham Army Reserve Centre (ARC), occupied by the 7 Rifles, G Company, includes an expanse of garage space, some of which had not been required by the resident military unit.
When CrossFit Dawn began their search for a warehouse or indoor space to relocate to on a long-term basis, the West Ham garages offered a seamless option for the business. With imagination and an array of equipment, CrossFit Dawn have successfully transformed the garages to provide a suitable space to run their training sessions from.

Arend Wissing, CrossFit Dawn Owner:

‘I started CrossFit Dawn in January 2015 when I decided to leave the corporate fitness industry and start my own personal training business. We had just had twins and I thought it was a great idea to become a stay at home dad whilst starting a business. What was I thinking?! I have been using the CrossFit method for a few years with success in the city and knew this would be a great addition to my local community in Stratford.

We started in a small industrial unit that had been derelict for about 10 years. It was a daunting start with the first year being quite a struggle, nothing can really prepare you for going into business for yourself! Soon though, the momentum built up and my membership grew.

By the end of August 2017 I was told by the local Borough that I had to move from my current premises. It was with great anxiety that I then started to look for a new venue to move into the very next month. Living locally to the West Ham ARC, I had been driving past the space for a few years and knew it well. When I noticed I could actually rent a space in this facility, it came as a pleasant surprise to me!

Alternative Venues London were very friendly and approachable from day one and soon helped me find a spot in their garages that suited my needs. Fiona, especially has been very helpful with helping me through starting the process and getting us in on time for October.

I cannot recommend Alternative Venues enough to anybody who is looking for a professional company that provide great venues and spaces at an affordable price’.

Who are the 7 Rifles, G Company?

7 Rifles is The Rifles’ Reserve Infantry Battalion of London and the South East. It is comprised of 500 part-time soldiers from a wide variety of backgrounds and has bases in London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

The Battalion’s principal mission is to train and prepare Reserve Riflemen for front line operations, where they are alongside and integrated within Regular Rifles units.
Reserve service in 7 Rifles allows individuals to work outside the regular Army and yet commit to being a Rifleman part-time. Reservists commit to a weekly training night as well as training weekends and a consolidated 2 week period across the year. The training is varied and based upon skills all people need, to include adventure training, fitness and sport.

To find out more about 7 Rifles https://www.army.mod.uk/infantry/regiments/25678.aspx 

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