05 Oct, 2017

Easy Jet hold immersive event at our Bloomsbury venue, home to the University of London Officers’ Training Corps (ULOTC)

05 Oct, 2017

What did Easy Jet do?

Teaming up with The Department and Atout France, Easy Jet recreated the setting of the town Cote D’Azur in our Bloomsbury venue.Offering an immersive ‘voyage’ experience for their clients,
the 3 day event involved guests walking through an EasyJet cabin door, being lead onto a vintage merry-go-round and taken on a magical journey. Using a cast of theatrical actors and actresses, alongside screens projecting the sights and sounds of the glamorous French town, guests were whisked far from streets of London with the aim to inspire them to explore the real thing for themselves.

Meeting the client’s specific brief, Bloomsbury, home to the ULOTC offered the perfect Central London location for the event. The garage warehouse accommodated the large merry-go-round, whilst the hall was set-up as a French Food and Wine Market to host an informative canapé reception to promote the destination to Easy Jets key clients.

Helen Tarrant, from Space2 Locations who put forward the Bloomsbury venue to the client, had the following to say about the event; ‘After searching near enough the whole of London for a venue and the end client considering the idea of building a temporary venue structure, Bloomsbury was near enough the only venue we could find that would work for this event. Although it was tricky to work around the schedule of the venue, the AVL team were a great buffer between the venue staff and the client to ensure the logistics would work out between all parties to ensure the event was a success!’

Who are the University of London Officers’ Training Corps?

Founded in 1909 the University of London Officers’ Training Corps (ULOTC) is an Army Reserve unit and part of the University of London, as well as the largest Officers’ Training Corps in the country.

Bloomsbury being a busy site, with all its members being students at universities or colleges within London and Kent. While on enlistment, members will become volunteer Officer Cadets of the Army Reserve. Members are all students first and foremost who reserve their spare time to being a part of one most beneficial societies they can join.

Whether an Officer Cadet goes on to become an Army Officer or take up a civilian career, ULOTC offers leadership and team building development through military and adventurous training, offering beneficial skills for life.

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